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Failure is not important, it takes courage to make a fool of yourself

24 June
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I love old movies
I adore vintage movie stars
I'm afraid of the dark
I sew and knit
I read too much
I like "old school" rock
I love rainy days
I sing along with musicals
I am a 6th level druid
I despise pickles and energy bars
I'm a bit kooky
I break out dancing randomly throughout the day :)

1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1980's, abbott and costello, asta, audrey hepburn, ayn rand, barbara stanwyck, beatniks, belle & sebastian, benny and joon, bill murray, billy wilder, bing crosby, bjork, bob hope, cake, cary grant, charles bukowski, charlie chaplin, christmas music, clara bow, classic comedy, classic movies, coffee, conan o'brien, daisies, dashboard confessional, david bowie, donald o'connor, dorothy parker, ed wood, ed wynn, european history, family guy, film history, film noir, frank capra, frank sinatra, franz kafka, fred astaire, gene kelly, gene krupa, gene wilder, gilmore girls, ginger rogers, green day, groucho marx, here's lucy, hermes pan, horror movies, i love lucy, j.d. salinger, jack kerouac, jack lemmon, jack paar, james stewart, jane's addiction, jazz, jean arthur, john steinbeck, johnny carson, journalism, judy garland, knitting, labyrinth, laurel and hardy, led zeppelin, lilacs, lucille ball, lucille ball movies, lucky boys confusion, lucy-desi comedy hour, marilyn monroe, marx brothers, mitch hedberg, modest mouse, monty python, muscle cars, musicals, myrna loy, nostalgia, old movies, pablo neruda, philosophy, psychology, puns, queen, quotes, rage against the machine, reading, rock n roll, rocky horror picture show, satire, sewing, sharpened pencils, silent films, simon and garfunkel, softball, stanley donen, star wars, swing, sylvia plath, talking heads, tango, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the beatles, the beats, the clash, the jerk, the lucy show, the ramones, the shins, the strokes, the who, useless facts, vaudeville, vintage, vinyl, voltaire, william powell, wit, writing